Sunday Build Blitz was Great!

Today (Sunday May 6) was an epic build session at the Asylum… work started at 10am and finished around 9pm.  The shop was bustling with activity… machining, grinding, welding, soldering… the fabrication team really came together and was firing on all cylinders.

Almost all mechanical parts have been fabricated for the leg on cart.  Electrically we have working valve control and joint angle feedback.  Tomorrow (Monday) will be a flurry of assembly.

Just a reminder, the test leg is a roughly half-scale leg we’re using to characterize the building blocks of our system.


One thought on “Sunday Build Blitz was Great!”

  1. Hello!
    We are a team from Mansoura University in Egypt and we are making only one leg of a hexapod and need some help.
    How did you fix the yaw link in its holder, without causing much friction?
    Can you send us the CAD designs or drawings of the leg parts, please?

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