Finding parking in Boston

Our training wheels support dollies have stayed attached to Stompy for most of the standing and walking we’ve done so far. They keep the fragile underside of Stompy safe from hitting the ground but limit the types of things we can walk over.

We’re getting confident enough with the system to stand without the dollies.

This allowed us to finally test if we can safely go belly down.

Shedding the dollies has the extra benefit of opening up a much needed new parking spot.

2 thoughts on “Finding parking in Boston”

  1. Hello, I just found out about this project and I’m very curious to know the current state of the Stompy! I would also like to know how this global pandemic affected your process, did you manage to work on Stompy since you had a lot of “free time”, or did the stress make you resort to other means of leisure activities/ start new projects? Either way, can’t wait to see more updates!!

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