These feet are made for stomping

Although we haven’t been great at updating the website we have continued to toil away on the robot. We’ve fixed hydraulic issues, engine problems, electronics revisions and software bugs. Up to this point we’ve taught our baby robot to stand and toddle stomp around.

We’re excited to be at this stage of the project. If you are one of the generous (and patient) souls who donated in the “will it stomp” tier of our kickstarter we will be reaching out shortly to start the process of getting things to stomp!

13 thoughts on “These feet are made for stomping”

  1. I woke up this morning, pulled on my project hexapod tshirt and wondered how this project was coming along.

    Found this on my facebook feed during lunch.


    I look forward to your impending YouTube update!

    1. So far a blazing 0.2 mph. We’ve been taking it slow and have only allowed gaits with up to 2 feet up at a time (and mostly only 1).

  2. Good to see. I still occasional wear my “giant robots because life isn’t dangerous enough” T-shirt .

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