Class 1: Introduction to the Rideable Hexapod


Introduction to the Rideable Hexapod class

Introduction to Hydraulics


Introduction to how hydraulics systems work

Introduction to Steel Fabrication


Introduction to how to design steel weldments

Class 3: Controls Overview


Class 4: Hydraulics Assembly Basics


The basics about assembling hydraulic systems

Designing Simple Hydraulic Joints


How to design simple hydraulic joints

4 thoughts on “Presentations”

  1. Hydraulic cylinders work well in a simplified system.
    STOMPY looks like it will wear out hydraulic cylinders quickly. Can it provide hydraulic pressure on multiple cylinders simultaneously? It may be a good student project, however the maintenance costs may make it uneconomic.
    I would test the cylinders under load before building STOMPY. You could quickly see the problem by hooking up to a test stand:

    1. It will have 18 unique proportional valves that can all be controlled independently, so it will be able to provide power to multiple cylinders at one time. We’re building our own test stand with an electric motor and our stock pump – check out the Leg Cart in the initial presentation and latest blog posts.

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