Update: 2/27/2013

It’s time for the weekly update! The big news this week is that we finally got the prototype leg under closed-loop control – woohoo! We also continued work on the hydraulic power unit frame, made spacers for the powertrain, and started the final round of design on the chassis and leg based on lessons learned from the prototype leg. Check it all out in the video below:

In this coming week, we’ll be doing a lot of tuning of the control loops that govern the leg’s motion, continuing the final design process for the legs, and pushing ahead with the hydraulic power unit integration. Stay tuned – we’re starting to pick up some serious speed!


2 thoughts on “Update: 2/27/2013

  1. ripper says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m following your awesome project for about 10 months now and I really love what you’re doing! Your progress so far is amazing and I hope to see your giant robot walking around soon.
    Just one question: Where’s your promised weekly update? It has been nearly 3 weeks since you uploaded the last video. So please post an update, I’d love to see stompy growing. :)

    • Gui says:

      Working on it now! We were trying to ‘save up’ an update for a big reveal, but it enough time has passed that we just need to post what we have so far. Sigh… that’ll teach us.

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