Swag Design Contest Winners!

So we just wrapped our Swag Design Contest up, and we’re proud to present the winners. If you read our previous post, you know that we were looking for entries for a Bumper Sticker, Supporter T-Shirt, and Team T-Shirt. These items are destined to become swag offered in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, coming up next week!

We ended up with 37 submissions in the contest, and the team voted over the course of the past weekend on which designs they liked the best. Without further ado, we give you…


The Bumper Sticker:

Far and away the Internet's favorite hexapod-related slogan, this bumper sticker proudly proclaims your dissatisfaction with common modes of transport.

Designer: Ecco Pierce


The Supporter T-Shirt:

It took life about 3.4 billion years to figure out how to walk on land. It took another 400 million years to evolve human beings. It only took us about 200,000 years to invent machines to WALK FOR US.

Designer: Ecco Pierce


The Team T-Shirt:

A classy, simple, menacing, yet inviting take on Stompy - this image will be the front of the Team T-Shirt.

Designer: Maria Stangel


A hearty congratulations and thank-you to our two amazing artists, and make sure to keep an eye out for our Kickstarter next week!

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Gui Cavalcanti received a General Engineering degree with a Robotics concentration from the Olin College of Engineering. He worked as a robotics engineer and systems integrator at Boston Dynamics, working on cutting edge mechanical design and systems integration for highly dynamic legged robots like BigDog, AlphaDog, and PETMAN. He was the Systems Integrator for the LS3 project, coordinating the joint engineering and development of multiple subcontractors and engineers. Over the course of his career he has also developed the mechanical systems for a robotic tuna, several robotic snakes, an ornithopter, and several other robotic animals. In his spare time he builds ridiculous things with ridiculous people, like a flotilla of SUV-sized rubber duck boats to take on the water on the 4th of July.

3 thoughts on “Swag Design Contest Winners!”

  1. I love the bumper sticker!

    Any chance we could get that as a “supporter” T-Shirt instead…? Heck, if you put up a “swag store” on this site, I’ll commit to buying a few. Alternatively, I’d be happy to “donate” funds for a copy of the artwork (which I could use to build a _single_ shirt for myself). 🙂

    1. We’ll see what we can do! We have a couple of other potential designs we could release as well – custom printing more than one will depend on the total volume of shirt orders we get.

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