Hilarious giant robot slogans

So we have this swag design contest going right now, ending next Friday, and we’ve had a number of designers mention that they’d love to see some examples of potential slogans. We’ve compiled a couple of our favorites here; feel free to add your own or give us feedback in the comments!

  • Giant Robots: Because life isn’t dangerous enough.
  • My other car has 6 legs.
  • If you have to ask why I build giant robots for fun, you might not like my new best friend/ride.
  • Robots: Man’s other best friend.
  • We build because we can.
  • I build giant robots. If you see me running, try to keep up.
  • Wheels are overrated.
  • Wheels are so Mesopotamian
  • Stompy: Dragging you into the future, 6 feet at a time.
  • Be nice to the robots. They’re bigger than you.
  • Robots: You’re what’s for dinner.
  • Humans: The other white meat.
  • 5 gallons to the mile. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Gui Cavalcanti received a General Engineering degree with a Robotics concentration from the Olin College of Engineering. He worked as a robotics engineer and systems integrator at Boston Dynamics, working on cutting edge mechanical design and systems integration for highly dynamic legged robots like BigDog, AlphaDog, and PETMAN. He was the Systems Integrator for the LS3 project, coordinating the joint engineering and development of multiple subcontractors and engineers. Over the course of his career he has also developed the mechanical systems for a robotic tuna, several robotic snakes, an ornithopter, and several other robotic animals. In his spare time he builds ridiculous things with ridiculous people, like a flotilla of SUV-sized rubber duck boats to take on the water on the 4th of July.

5 thoughts on “Hilarious giant robot slogans”

  1. I think “Giant Robots: Because life isn’t dangerous enough.” on the front and “If you see me running, try to keep up.” on the back is a winning design 🙂

  2. (Imagine the V.O. announcer from the Superfriends)
    Meanwhile, back at the labs of M.I.T. Students work franticly to develop a six-ton rolled up newspapaper!

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